Support Veronica Explains!

There’s a few different ways to help out the channel.

Patreon/Ko-Fi/YouTube Membership

The Patreon/Ko-Fi “monthly membership” platforms are probably the easiest thing for me personally, as it’s regular monthly income. That goes a long way to help offset the time spent on making videos.

Tiers are as follows (prices USD):

  • Greetings! ($1/mo): submit questions for “ask Veronica”, see some behind-the-scenes stuff, and help me pick topics.
  • Super Neat! ($5/mo): everything from the “Greetings!” tier, but with occasional song download links (featuring the songs from my videos).
  • Terminal Nerditude! ($10/mo): everything from the other two tiers, but you get your name in the credits (right now, I print it out each video on my dot matrix printer!).

If you’d prefer not to use Ko-Fi or Patreon for whatever reason, I’ve also set up the same memberships over on YouTube’s Membership feature. YouTube takes a bit more from your membership fee than Patreon, but if it’s easier for you, I still appreciate the support. Same benefits for you either way!

Other ways to help support the channel

I’ve been considering setting up affiliate links, but as of the recent editing of this page (2023-05-28), I have not yet done so.

If you’d just like to “tip me” one time only, without becoming a member, the Ko-Fi link above has that option.

The other great way to help support my work is by buying a t-shirt or hoodie. My wife and I work hard on the designs (all designed on Linux BTW), and we’re grateful to everyone who buys one.

Thank you so much for supporting my channel! It really does mean a lot to me.