Support Veronica Explains!

There’s a few different ways to help out the channel.

Patreon/Ko-Fi/YouTube Membership

The Patreon/Ko-Fi “monthly membership” platforms are probably the easiest thing for me personally, as it’s regular monthly income. That goes a long way to help offset the time spent on making videos.

Tiers are as follows (prices USD):

  • Lil Linux Supporter! ($2/mo): submit questions for “ask Veronica”, see some behind-the-scenes stuff, and help me pick topics. You also get a weekly “newsletter” via Patreon or Ko-Fi.
  • Super Neat! ($5/mo): everything from the “Lil Linux Supporter!” tier, but with occasional song download links (featuring the songs from my videos).
  • Terminal Nerditude! ($10/mo): everything from the other two tiers, but you get your name in the credits (right now, I either print it out on my dot matrix printer, or digitally using a real Commodore 128!).

I am so grateful to my channel members who sponsor my work, and if you’d like to help me make more videos and posts, I appreciate your support.

If you’d prefer not to use Ko-Fi or Patreon for whatever reason, I’ve also set up memberships over on YouTube’s Membership feature. YouTube takes a bit more from your membership fee than Patreon, and doesn’t have DM or newsletter functionality. But if it’s easier for you, I still appreciate the support!

Other ways to help support the channel

I’ve been considering setting up affiliate links, but as of the recent editing of this page (2023-10-09), I have not yet done so.

If you’d just like to “tip me” one time only, without becoming a member, the Ko-Fi link above has that option.

The other great way to help support my work is by buying a t-shirt or hoodie. My wife and I work hard on the designs (all designed on Linux BTW), and we’re grateful to everyone who buys one.

Thank you so much for supporting my channel! It really does mean a lot to me.