I don’t do a lot of social media. It’s complicated. I’ll write a blog post about it someday. I wrote about my recent abandonment of Twitter here. I also don’t currently use Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. [yells at cloud]

I do not use Telegram. If someone messages you on Telegram claiming to be me, they are lying and should be reported or shunned or whatever.

I occasionally use Discord, mainly to connect with locals about equipment. There is no “Veronica Explains Official Discord” or anything like that. Even then, I usually prefer email to chat apps. I’m old school!


I am on Mastodon, as the most upscale nerds seem to be! </sarcasm>

You can find me at Note that you’ll likely need to follow me from your instance before you can see any of my posts. My instance (correctly) moderates larger instances, too, so be patient with your follow request if you’re on one of the huge instances.


The main show! You can find all the really cool stuff at If you haven’t subscribed to me there, you can do so here:

My YouTube is a mix of Linux tips/tricks, retro tech musings, and similar shenanigans.


My videos are also available on, a PeerTube instance I’m hosting myself. Right now, I am the only creator posting on the instance, learning the ropes a bit as far as administration is concerned.

My videos were previously published to TILvids, a fantastic educational PeerTube instance which I’ve really come to enjoy. They do a great job over there, and I still have some of my older videos posted there at


Patreon and Ko-Fi pays the bills around here. You can find my Patreon at My Ko-Fi is at

(Buying merch also helps pay the bills and is very appreciated.)

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If you just want a simple contact form, here it is: