Taylor and Amy- MiniPET fun

In the inaugural “What I’m Watching” post, I am shouting out The Taylor and Amy Show and their recent videos about the MiniPET.

Here’s video one (via YouTube) where they build and test a MiniPET:

YouTube video

And then here’s the second part, where they add the keycaps and use the SD2PET:

YouTube video

What’s a PET, and why a MiniPET?

The PET is Commodore’s early computer, part of the 1977 trinity of personal computers. It’s a very, very early example of what we’d now call a “computer”, and unlike Commodore’s later models like the VIC-20 and the Commodore 64, the PET is very hard to come by today (at least where I live, can’t speak for everyone).

The MiniPET is a faithful recreation of the PET courtesy of Tynemouth Software, and sadly appears to be no longer available for purchase. So, you can imagine my joy when I saw that Taylor and Amy managed to snag one!

I doubt I have room in my basement for a full size Commodore PET, so the MiniPET is one of those things I’ve always had my eye on. Seeing Taylor and Amy have a blast with it was really rewarding.

More about Taylor and Amy!

Anywho, the Taylor and Amy Show is absolutely one of my favorite YouTube channels. Between completely awesome song parodies and a fantastically upbeat attitude, I can watch Taylor and Amy all day… and I have!

If you’re into 8-bit computing, playing old games, or just having geek-friendly fun, I think you’ll enjoy The Taylor and Amy Show.

Thanks for reading!

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