My name is Veronica

…and I explain things. Greetings!

I make videos on PeerTube/YouTube and occasionally write about stuff here. I also sell channel merch here. I’m (so far) not sponsored, except by you all. Thank you!

A photo of me (a mid-30s white lady with brown curly hair). I'm smiling at the camera and wearing a red plaid shirt with a green MECC shirt under it. I'm sitting at a desk with a computer over one shoulder and a guitar over the other.

More about me

You can learn more about me on my about page, and learn more about what I use on my uses page. But if you want the short summary:


  • Linux
  • Music
  • Vintage and retro electronics
  • Cold weather
  • The Fediverse


  • Presumption
  • Allergies
  • Random rude people on the internet (or in real life TBH)
  • jQuery

Blog posts from me