I’ve turned on ActivityPub on this blog.

This is a quick update- this WordPress blog is now integrated with the Fediverse via the ActivityPub plugin. Or, at least, that’s what it says it’s doing.

I spent time on this today and have tested it briefly this evening- it seems to be working, although if you aren’t already following https://vkc.sh/@posts, I don’t know that it’s going to show you much- I don’t think older posts federate. But, it looks like Mastodon replies will show up as comments, which is neat!

So, my plan is to try to retoot this post from my Mastodon account. And with that, I suppose I should give you all a “where I’ve been” brief update. 🙂

Here’s some blog posts I’ve written- I encourage you to share them wherever you want. Or not, you do you.

Yes, I’m taking a break from Mastodon.

I outlined why I’m taking a break from Mastodon here. It might be worth a read?

Long story short- reply guys getting angry and clogging up my notifications/inbox/what have you. I elaborated on it in the blog post. I might come back someday though- for now it’s a “breather” period.

I wrote about YouTube’s bad AI disclosure policy.

YouTube just launched a new AI disclosure policy, and I think it stinks.

I’m all for identifying lousy LLM-driven shovelware videos. But like their bad copyright enforcement policies, I worry the policy as written will end up hurting innocent folks and making little dent in the lousy content.

One creator who I could imagine technically breaks the new rules is Pat Finnerty of What Makes This Song Stink fame. (Link is YouTube, tracking and ad warnings apply.) Pat hilariously imagines absurd scenarios about famous(-ly bad) songs, and shows cutout versions of musicians going about creating their bad tunes, including one video (on YouTube) imagining a hilarious exchange between the members of Red Hot Chili Peppers about Dani California. I worry that obviously unreal segments like this could be flagged as “manipulation” or whatever.

Anyway, I might be over reacting, or I’m not. Check out the post if you want to see for yourself.

I’m back on search engines, after quitting them for three months.

I went three whole months away from search engines. And I lost a lot of momentum and time.

Everything took longer without a search engine, and I outlined that in a post earlier this week. Since this started with a whole Mastodon thing, I figure you all might be interested.

Kdenlive has a good speech recognition system, and Flathub can use it too.

I wrote this one today, so it might federate properly?

Anyway, Kdenlive’s Python-based speech recognition options are pretty swell, but they don’t seem to work out of the box when using Flathub.

I’m wrapping up an unscripted video right now, and forgot that I need to update the runtime to have the Python apps ready-to-go. I wrote up a blog post about it today.

Lastly, Patrons and Ko-Fi members are more in-the-loop.

I’m prioritizing messages from my financial supporters over on Patreon and Ko-Fi. While I plan to keep blogging, and might someday return to Mastodon, I am engaged in far more regular communication with my monthly sustainers.

They get a weekly newsletter, DM options, and soon a virtual Linux club. Tiers start at $2/mo USD if you’d like to join them:

Thanks folks. I appreciate your well wishes- things are fine and I’m developing a good routine here. More to come! And hopefully, it’ll post right from here to the Fediverse! Feel free to shoot me an email if something isn’t working: explainer[at]vkc[dot]sh.

Thanks for reading!

The written version of Veronica Explains is made possible by my Patrons and Ko-Fi members. This website has no ad revenue, and is powered by everyday readers like you. Sustaining membership starts at USD $2/month, and includes perks like a weekly member-only newsletter. Thank you for your support!

My blog is using the ActivityPub plugin to join the Fediverse. That means you can can comment on blog posts using some ActivityPub services, such as Mastodon and Mbin, and your comments may show up here publicly. To leave a comment, try copying the URL for this article into your instance's search bar, then reply to the post that pops up- it should show up here!

You can also subscribe to future updates from my website right from your favorite ActivityPub service. Try searching for https://vkc.sh/@posts in the search bar. Just hit "follow" or "subscribe" on the profile that pops up, and future posts should automatically federate to you!

23 thoughts on “I’ve turned on ActivityPub on this blog.”

  1. @posts you will be glad to know that your old posts are federating. I was able to search the link of your blog leaving Mastodon, and my server was able to pull up a post of it just fine.

  2. @posts Neat! This is how I hope that the future of post/article commenting will be, universally (fediversally?) available where there's no need to register on YET another website just to comment on the content

  3. @posts Very cool plugin but for some reason it does not want the simple permalinks (those with /?p=nnn) 😓 (on my wordpress site)

  4. @posts Great! I'm excited about the idea of blog+fediverse integration. Perhaps the '@posts ' handle should be omitted from blog comments as it lacks context.

  5. Awesome, I hope to see this as the approach to comments on most sites in the near future!

    I notice the blog page says, "comments are closed," you might want to replace that with a note that comments are accepted via ActivityPub.


  6. @posts idk if you see these comments, but old posts can federate if one pops their URL in the search bar.

  7. @posts I didn't realize Mastodon could do this. This is pretty great.

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