Word of the Week Ep 2 – Distro

The logo for the Word of the Week podcast. It's the Veronica Explains logo with "WORD OF THE" and "week" added underneath it. The logo says "Veronica Explains" and has a stylized penguin with a bow on its head.
Veronica Explains' Word of the Week
Word of the Week Ep 2 - Distro

Here’s the slightly “rambly” second episode of Veronica Explains’ Word of the Week!

In this episode, we define the word “distro” and refine the space around it. We also end up talking about YouTube, and a bunch of other things too. It was a fun stream!

If you’d like to watch the original livestream, you can find it on YouTube: https://youtube.com/live/mt0MFQ_GUaM