Word of the Week Ep 3 – Guestbook

The logo for the Word of the Week podcast. It's the Veronica Explains logo with "WORD OF THE" and "week" added underneath it. The logo says "Veronica Explains" and has a stylized penguin with a bow on its head.
Veronica Explains' Word of the Week
Word of the Week Ep 3 - Guestbook

It’s retro week on Veronica Explains! Just kidding- we’re always celebrating where we came from here.

Word of the Week returns after a short hiatus with a new episode that was not recorded in front of a live YouTube audience. Instead, I recorded an episode with one of my oldest friends- Bryce of Midnight Notion. You can find his music on YouTube at Midnight Notion, and you should.

Anyway, enjoy this nostalgic look back at guestbooks.